How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

Posted by Facebook on 5 ธันวาคม 2014

Using Facebook on your Website allows you to create a more personalized, social experience using Social Plugins such as the Like Button and simplify your registration and sign-in process using Login Button and Registration Plugin
Mobile Apps

Facebook Platform makes iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android and Mobile Web apps social. Use Facebook Login to access the user's social graph (without yet another username/password) and create a personalized experience.
Apps on Facebook

Building an app on Facebook gives you the opportunity to deeply integrate into our core user experience. Use the native functionality of Facebook such as Requests and Bookmarks to create an ideal social space for your users.
Core Concepts
Social Design
The Social Design Guidelines helps you understand why you should build great social experiences as well as how to use Facebook Platform effectively to create them. Social Plugins
Social Plugins enable you to provide engaging social experiences to your users with just a line of HTML without the need for the viewer to have signed into your site. Open Graph protocol
The Open Graph protocol enables you to integrate your pages into the social graph. These pages gain the functionality of other graph objects including profile links and stream updates.
Social Channels
Facebook Platform lets you integrate with social channels such as News Feed and Requests to help you drive growth and engagement with your app, site or content. Authentication
Facebook authentication enables your app to interact with the Graph API on behalf of Facebook users and provides a powerful auth mechanism across Web, mobile and desktop apps. Graph API
The Graph API is the core of Facebook Platform, enabling you to read and write data to Facebook. It provides a simple and consistent view of the social graph.